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Filing a tax return or producing a balance sheet is a mandatory process and therefore little more than a legal obligation for many. However, by going above and beyond these mere obligations, we can help clients maximise their economic potential through our individualised as well as strategic approach and emphasise their personal and corporate objectives as their competent advisors. It is those very clients who we will unconditionally go the extra mile for.

As your professional counterpart, we are a fully digital practice with experience in tax that has a proven track record spanning several decades. We love our work and we are constantly seeking a challenge, because only then can we prove to our clients how we go beyond other advisor's thinking. It is at this point that our clients begin to realise the true added value potential of our work to their business. Further, this is when our clients decide if they are ready to have faith in our professional expertise and want to join us in thinking ahead for their business or if they prefer a simple 'business as usual'.

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Current thinking is dominated by rapid changes in our legal framework, jurisdiction and of the social value-system that governs our daily lives. Genuine, in-depth expertise, clarity, stability and adaptability are therefore more important than ever. We are able to tackle any of these inevitably 'moving targets' confidently, constantly adapt our approach to changing requirements and react professionally and competently to significant shifts in our surroundings. This strategic framework is what will invariably lead our clients to reach their personal (and professional) goals.

Tax consulting – compliance

Compliance is the adherence to legal, in this case predominantly tax-, laws and regulations. It is also the foundation of high-quality tax advice: Only the individual who adheres to rules and regulations beforehand will later be in a position to claim them afterwards to his benefit.

Tax Advice – Design, Defence and Salvation

At times, the tax office will take on a position that is not in line with our client’s and in this case, our client will likely be in need of assistance. While this may not be commercially viable in all cases, it might be desirable nonetheless. While we advise and make recommendations, our clients ultimately make the final decision. We will, however, invariably be by their side when they need us.

Furthermore, measures taken by the tax office can go so far as to threaten businesses’ commercial existences. Maybe a bank account has been blocked or a necessary permission to conduct one’s business has been revoked – this may be a simple misunderstanding or a wrongful application of the law, either way, it is up to us to fight for our clients’ rights.

Company Analysis and Structuring

First and foremost, a fundamental analysis of the company's structure and nature of the business and purpose needs to be conducted – as you also do not start designing a layout for your new home before you have found an appropriate piece of land to build it on. Conversely, we will be by your side and walk with you every step of the way until your metaphorical home is built and, most importantly, we won’t start drawing up any plans before you have found the right spot you want to build it on.

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You want to contribute within the framework of a small, high-powered firm where both your competencies as well as your peronality are required? Where you can work independently and shape your perspectives actively? Please convince us with your application. Then the next leap in your carreer will be backed by us.

At present, we are offering:

  • a full-time / part-time position for a German qualified accountant (Bilanzbuchhalter)
  • a team assistant in the secretariat of the tax consulting department
  • a full-time / part-time position for a qualified Tax assistant
  • Trainee as assistant tax consultant

Please send your application to

Frau Sümeyra Iyi
E-Mail: kanzlei(at)masdorp.de
Tel.: +49 69 95530-001

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We are happy that you are interested in developing new perspectives through our experience, knowledge and commitment. To fix an appointment for a first meeting please call us directly: +49 (69) 95530-001.

Kanzlei Masdorp & Partner
PartG mbB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft

Gerbermühlstraße 7
60594 Frankfurt am Main

Tel.: +49 69 95530-001
Fax: +49 69 95530-002
E-Mail: kanzlei(at)masdorp.de

The company's office organization and processes are certified according to the DStV Quality Seal regulations and ISO 9001:2015. This voluntary proof of performance guarantees our clients that the work flow during the entire support of the mandate meets the high standards of a modern quality management system.

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